Frequently Asked Questions from Donors

We will continue to post common questions that we are asked to make it simple for our donors to find quick answers to their questions.

Is there no way in which you can take my donation from me and distribute it out somewhere? I don’t want it here anymore and would rather you deal with it – that’s what you do, isn’t it?
IKC doesn’t accept donations to hold or warehouse as we are committed to making sure that what donors give through us gets to a non-profit organization. By only facilitating donations, we ensure that your donation will 100% get to a charity or non-profit organization. If you would prefer to use Habitat for Humanity Re-Stores, Goodwill or any other organization that accepts in kind gifts, we would still be happy that you are choosing to donate to charities. For a list of other options on donating physical items, feel free to visit this list put together by Charity Village.

How used of a donation, or what kind of condition, is the bare minimum to be able to donate?
In kind gifts must be in useable shape. If the item can no longer fulfill its purpose, it is more appropriate for recycling or disposal. For example, a filing cabinet with some scratches is fine but a filing cabinet whose drawers are damaged and won’t open is not.
There is no bare minimum but keep in mind that it has to be worth while for the charity or non-profit organization to make arrangements to pick it up. If no one is interested, then you will know it is likely not worth their while.
Certain items do not qualify for charitable receipts, such as donations of old clothes, home furniture, home baking, etc. As well, a payment for a lottery ticket or other chance to win a prize is not a gift. For further information on in kind gifts, you should take a look at the CRA website at
Revenue Canada P113 Gifts and Income Tax.

Why don’t you do charitable receipts?
IKC does not accept in kind gifts for ourselves and as such, does not issue charitable receipts, as they must come from the charity that receives the benefit of the gift. We are a conduit to in kind giving, not a recipient.

Can I specify what type of charity or non-profit I want my donation to go to?
The way IKC works, you will actually be contacted by charities or non-profits interested in what you have available for donation. You can certainly have a preference for what type of organization receives your donation and we will communicate that along with the nature of the donation, photos and so forth.