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Do you enjoy family vacations down South, or maybe you are planning on visiting Disneyland? Maybe your daughter will be attending school up in Canada to learn French – why go through the trouble of waiting the long lines at the border when you can complete the NEXUS pass for you and your family.

Thankfully, with the NEXUS family application, you’ll find yourself saving nearly 3 hours of form filling; however, the good thing is that you won’t have to pay for the application for anyone under the age of 18 years. As with any form, a parent or legal guardian must sign on behalf of the minor. If, however, you are a non-custodial parent or guardian, you can apply for a minor with the consent of the minors’ legal guardianship. During the interview process for the NEXUS pass, a parent or guardian must accompany the minor.

The NEXUS Canada or U.S. family pass allows for everyone to travel with ease – not to mention the costs for a pass outweighs the costs of the long wait times and at the borders. Did you know an average traveller going between Canada and the U.S. on average between 3-5 times a year will spend a total of nearly 100 hours of wait-times, imagine! Turn that 100 hours into actual family and bonding time.

With Global Trusted Traveller, rest assured that the process of applying for a NEXUS Canada or U.S. pass is not only timely and efficient, but you will be guided through the process from start to finish, as well – you can rest assured that all personal information is kept securely.

No longer do you have to worry about your information being in jeopardy, with Global Trusted Traveller, know that you will find a simplified process even more so. Just as the NEXUS pass gets you to the front of the line, know that you will be at the top of the processing process for you and your family.

It can sometimes be dauntingly complicated when applying for multiple people – and when filling out a NEXUS Canada or U.S., application any blank spaces or minor misinformation on the form can delay if not revoke your application. This can actually cause the process being much more difficult for you and your family, so why not have someone who knows the process help you from the first step to the last? Don’t worry about whether or not to answer a question you are not sure whether it applies or not to you, no, know that with our system you will be guided as though you were doing it in person.

Once you have completed the process for your NEXUS application and you make it to the interview stage – you will find that travelling between cross-borders is a breeze. So, before you plan your next trip and pack your bags for your next getaway, don’t forget to fill out your NEXUS application for family!

Everything you need to know to get you and your family their NEXUS card is a click away and at your fingertips!

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