The old Borovets turns modern with live webcams


“Closer to God” represents the most popular translation of the highest peak on the map of Balkan Peninsula – Musala. Standing 2925 m tall, the Rila mountaintop is a goal to be reached by dozens or even hundreds of people every day depending on the season. But while in the winter it’s riskier to mount the hill that stands above all hills, the area still happens to be quite popular thanks to an old century tradition of snow sports. And with all Borovets webcams installed on the key points, there is always on time view of what actually happens in the heights situated nearer to heavens.


Being overrun in terms of modernization and development at the turn of the millennium compared to the main rivals in the national skiing resorts competition like Bansko and Pamporovo, the oldest village for fun and recreation in Bulgaria make huge efforts to catch up and to revitalize its fame of rising high that was going on for decades. A project of reconstruction the so-called Golden Triangle in Borovets is already in the making and it only upgrades on all the work to make the most historical ski resort in Bulgaria to shine again with a new light. No surprise then that in the number of skiing webcams Borovets occurs to be probably the best-equipped venue in the country.


Nine eyes blinking every second

Borovets cams

More than 1000 m is the displacement measured in the area of the Rila mountain leading ski zone. The base of the resort is situated at the altitude of 1340 m above the sea levels and two of the nine Borovets webcams are located down there. The eye that blinks taller than any other in the region is installed to watch Markudjik Ski Center around 2345 m, close to the highest point of the trails and not far from Musala. In between there six more Borovets ski webcams to come up with the view of what the slopes look like in real-time.


The net or the chain of cameras shooting on the hills of the oldest winter complex in Bulgaria are smartly arranged to combine for an overall view of the situation in the region. It was achieved by installing a video recorder with live coverage with a displacement of 200 m on average from one point to another. The next higher after the top of the ski webcams in Borovets stands ate 2145 m at the summit of Markudjika 2 ski run. Going down the start of the Yastrebets 1 piste (2039) is the next that follows. Sitnyakovo zone (1774 m above the sea level) represents the core in the middle of the resort, probably one of the most crowded places so it couldn’t be missed too. Martinovi Baraki (1648) is a common name among the skiers and snowboarders familiar with the Rila mountain trails. And Petar Popangelov represents a dear name to everyone sympathizing with Bulgarian winter sports. The best Alpine skier of the nation of all time has a run named after him since he has grown up in the same region in Bulgaria and the Borovets webcams dedicate not one but two points of view to the piste as you may see here. All the way from the ground level of the ski resort to the heights “closer to God” is covered by video equipment providing with pictures live during the day in the high season.


Worth to notice that the video might not be a motion picture in the true sense of that concept but isn’t far from the idea. Yes, the view does not change at the speed of 25 frames per second but the static glimpses of the Borovets webcam live coverage follow one after another every two or three seconds and the vision actually appears more in the terms of a slideshow. But the picture is real-time and gives everybody a clear view which slopes are too crowded or where a fog or clouds might ruin the skiing experience and even turn it into danger.


The views miss the numbers


What can be pointed as a drawback for the whole net of skiing webcams in the oldest winter resort in Bulgaria is the lack of any data embedded in the pics except what time they were taken on. Watching any of the nine cameras in Borovets isn’t enough to know what is the temperature, how strong is the wind or has any fresh snow fallen recently (despite it might be visible if it snows in the moment of watching). Yes, such information is easily found if you look more in the website for the numbers but no data can be seen in the webcam archive.


But such implementation isn’t hard to be performed so perhaps it wouldn’t take long for Borovets to come up with a solution. It makes sense to expect something like that since in Bulgaria webcams in the winter resorts are probably developed more than any other venue in the oldest holidays village in the country.


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