Visit Bulgaria: our travel suggestion for 2018

traveling to croatia 2018 is top deal with balkan holidays

Crashing on the beach represents the main agenda considering the summer holidays but is far from being the only option. Relishing on the sunbed and swimming in the salt water – sure, great, but the vacation season is not restricted to this exclusively. Mountain walking or hiking, city touring or relaxing in a rural environment, choosing the active rest like golf or another kind of sports activity, tripping from one place to another – every alternative tempts the traveler. Heading for summer holidays to Bulgaria brings you with the exquisite opportunity to mix at least two types of vacation, without giving up on the beach enjoyment.


One vacation – many places to go


Booking summer holidays 2018 in Bulgaria may include seaside resort accommodation on the baseline and additional activity to add to the sense of relaxation and pleasure. Assuming you prefer to reserve a hotel at the Golden Sands -what more can you do except having a nice time in and near the sea? If you happen to be a golfer, the Cape Kaliakra provides with a newly built course standing less than one hour away from the main resort.


Embarking on summer holidays to Bulgaria means that you are about to book a flight to Varna or Bourgas – the biggest cities on the western Black Sea coastline. So the city tours to Varna are within your options if your residence for a week or more will be Golden Sands or Albena, or you may take a walk or a ride around in Bourgas in the case of staying at the Sunny Beach or Nessebar. The summer holidays combining the sea and the mountain in Bulgaria require more planning since the main ranges are located in the western part of the country and the Black Sea represents its eastern frontier. But booking a plane to Sofia, followed by a trip to Borovets and then heading to the sea – such scenario is plausible.


Bulgaria vs. Western Balkans


Mixing the sea and the mountain would be probably easier heading for holidays to Montenegro. Budva resort looks like the perfect match considering such combo. Slovenia holidays are rarely ever linked with the beach but a shore shorter than 50 km is available within the country and it isn’t too far from the gorgeous mountains. Holidays to Croatia bring the image of the magnificent town of Dubrovnik situated on the Adriatic Sea.


Western Balkans are preferred by many tourists for summer holidays much owed to the fact that the region is a bit closer to Western Europe. Booking summer holidays to Bulgaria anyway doesn’t mean you will travel so much further away, and the main advantage is that a vacation around the Black Sea will usually turn out to be more affordable.

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