Nessebar 2018 – Quick overview

Summer season in Nessbar 2018 is comming soon!

It would be unlikely to be somewhat familiar with the country and not know having the smallest clue that in Bulgaria Nessebar happens to be one of the favorite places to visit for both local people and foreign guests. But let’s assume that you have never heard of it – where to start from? Well, let’s begin with the obvious – the location. Built on the southern part of the country’s coastline, Nessebar beach naturally stands out as a leading summer resort on a national and even regional level. The town is easily accessible from the Bourgas airport which operates flights from the UK regularly during the hottest trimester of the year.

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Modern and ancient at the same time


Book one and take two – this is what you’ll receive if choosing to stay at some of the hotels in Nessebar, Bulgaria. The town is literally divided in two – the seaside resort with up-to-date infrastructure and buildings on one side, and the old section located on a tiny peninsula into the sea. The greatest number of Nessebar hotels is situated in the modern part of the town which is also much bigger. Among the variety of options to pick out from for your summer vacation beyond doubt, the top 10 of deals is to be found via Balkan Holidays website. The sooner you book one, the more you will save on a wonderful seaside break.


So the modern district is where to search for comfort and affordable accommodation, while the old town is the place to get in touch with the antiquity. In Bulgaria, Nessebar represents one of the finest and well-preserved objects of architecture and culture dating back to one millennium BC. That section of the resort is less than one kilometer long and only about 400 m wide and is connected to the mainland by a narrow strip available for walking and cars too but the vehicles are largely restricted from entering the ancient streets. Being a UNESCO World Heritage site for a reason, Nessebar old town takes minutes to be reached from the main resort and about an hour or two to be discovered in its fullness.


Nessebar beach is located in the new part of the town


While the Nessebar old town shore is predominantly rocky, the fine sands and the warm water make it to the list of the characteristics modern section of the resort charms the tourists. There are two zones to relax – the northern and the southern. The top bargains among the Nessebar hotels will be found around one of these areas. The water is calm for the most of the summer, the temperature exceeds 20 degrees Celsius for a quarter of the year and even longer. The beach zone is safe and well guarded.


Nessebar holidays top the ranks on the Balkans for a varicolored summer break. Getting in touch with history and with the high standard condition in the hotel and the beach in one definitely speaks out loud. And even if not as noisy as some of the country’s resorts such as Sunny Beach chosen for their party profile, in Bulgaria Nessebar provides entertaining and colorful nightlife too. There is more to discover than words can explain.

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