4 reasons why late summer Golden Sands vacation worth to book

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You know how wonderful it is to take a late summer break for one more time around the beach before the autumn comes. Even if you have been on a seaside vacation in the high season, a short (or not so short) return to the sunbed for the last warm days of the year can reward you with an unexpectedly recharging experience. If Golden Sands, Bulgaria has not been on your radar for a September trip, here is why you have to consider the travel to the Black Sea resort.


  1. The accommodation cost prices drop


Sure, it happens everywhere but to a varying extent. Booking a stay at some of the fanciest places in the Mediterranean Sea wouldn’t make a big difference compared to the high season. The price is significant in Bulgaria – Golden Sands is considered by the local people to be among the expensive resorts in the country, but the deals in September sound absolutely sensational for a Western European traveler. 300 GBP per person for a whole week at a 4-star hotel – can you believe it? Well, it is a real thing if you book on time through Balkan Holidays.


The all-inclusive Golden Sands, Bulgaria holidays make up for the best value in September. The biggest resort in the northern part of the country’s coastline is famous for the package deals booked by thousands of German, British, and Russian tourists every year. The late summer offers come with an even greater reward at the Golden Sands, Bulgaria hotels. And since the resort as a whole is not that crowded (later in the article about this), it should be easier to make a reservation at the a-la-carte restaurant if you have enough of the buffet meals.


  1. It’s still warm enough to have a wonderful time on the beach


golden sands deals balkan holidaysEven if the Golden Sands beach situated in the northern part of the Bulgarian coastline, you shouldn’t expect some arctic frost in September. Indeed, the temperature is 2-3 degrees lower compared to the resorts on the southern part of the country’s Black Sea area. And still, the average temperature in Golden Sands, Bulgaria for the ninth month is over 20 C which is perfect if you are afraid of being burned by the sun. The nights are definitely not cold – the thermometers show about 15-16 degrees Celsius in the darkest hours, while at noon they reach mark around 27-28 C. There are approximately 23-24 sunny days in September, and the rain falls 3 or 4 days on average during the whole month.


In Bulgaria, Golden Sands is proud to host one of the best beaches, and the name of the resort implies so. The experienced vacationers are aware of the fact that the water is still warm even when the air gets a little bit colder. So don’t get stressed by the “north” – the last summer days are great in that area of the Black Sea coastline.


  1. Crowds have gone away


The article probably should have started with this one. The place is not exactly empty, but in September Golden Sands, Bulgaria definitely is not as crowded as in July. A fact that is easy to explain – the kids go back to school this time of year all around Europe and the families with children are more likely to be unable to travel. The party-goers will also be missing because the most of the clubs and bars around the Golden Sands beach shut off after mid-September. Some would find it boring, but others who look for a quiet and cozy modern resort, Zlatni Pyasatsi as it is known in the local language provides a great opportunity.


  1. Taste the fresh fish from the Black Sea


golden sands deals balkan holidaysThere is one thing many people are unaware of the Black Sea. Even among the Bulgarians, few know that the fresh fish in the sea is abundant in the late summer. The high season for the fishermen actually comes around October or November. It’s not that the Black Sea fish is not around in July, but the bigger passages move away deep into the sea and further from the coast. In September, however the catch of the fishing nets increases – the people go away, and the fish returns near the beach.


So, picking up the late summer Golden Sands, Bulgaria holidays means that you have a higher chance to eat fresh out of water Black Sea fish. The region is abundant of scad, bluefish, a type of bonito and the red mullet are much cheaper here than in Greece. Sure, the Aegean resorts provide a more prominent menu but the price there is higher too. And if you love to eat fish during the summer vacation, the last weeks of summer are recommended for a trip to Bulgaria – Golden Sands have some great restaurants dedicated for that type of cuisine.

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