Borovets weather, webcam, and snow – what you need to know!

borovets ski resort

White is the color that makes happy all the skiers and snowboarders. So, the racers should have been glad to see some of the Borovets webcam images to show snow on the slopes as early as just after mid-November. While the winter comes up slowly to the land, the oldest skiing resort in Bulgaria prepares hard for the upcoming season. In the weeks prior to the official kick off in the middle of December, the demand for Borovets ski holidays rose significantly. The travelers were granted the chance to pick the deals of best value before the end of November.


The season last at least a quarter of the year

The skiing zone with the longest standing tradition in Bulgaria is situated in the highest mountain on the map of Balkan Peninsula – Rila. The tallest peak – Musala, stands 2925 m above the sea level and the top of the winter sports is located a little lower than that. Markudjika group of Alpine runs is set on the altitude around 2450-2500 m, and Borovets webcam system shows it white from November to March in a typical winter. Well, the images don’t tell the whole story. You need to follow Borovets snow report to know if the surface is sufficiently thick for a race, or whether the temperature is low enough to hold the snow for longer.

The general forecast for the 2018-19 tells that those who choose Borovets ski holidays will enjoy a great winter with lots of snow. Well, it depends on a particular week, but it is rather unlikely that mild weather would ruin your January vacation. Typically, the season around the Borovets skiing zone lasts at least three months and sometimes can stretch even to mid-April.

The liveliest ski resort in Bulgaria is ready to go!

borovets ski holidayThe fun usually starts on 8th of December, the Student’s Day in Bulgaria. Most of the Borovets webcam updates wouldn’t show much activity on the slopes around that date. The buzz is about to be in the main village, where hundreds or even thousands of young people gather to celebrate their holiday. The oldest resort in the country is famous as the top party destination for the cold months in Bulgaria. While it is not as loud as Sunny Beach in the summer – and it shouldn’t be that loud for sure, the small touristic village in Rila Mountain occurs to be the hot spot of the night fun in the region. Anyway, when Borovets snow report provides info with an increasing snow cover and decreasing temperature, the skiers and snowboarders outnumber significantly the travelers who visit the place only for the party.

The Borovets skiing map becomes densely populated in the first weeks after New Year’s Eve when the weather is typically most suitable for races. The winter sports area of the Rila Mountain resort is spread on a territory of 5 square kilometers (including the woods where the lifts and drags go through) and extends on altitude from 1300 in the base resort to 2500 and above at the highest point. Borovets webcam system consists of nine cameras spread situated in the key sections of the winter sports zone. There are two live cams in the village, and as you go up the hills, the images are updated all the time for Popangelov ski run (2 points of view), Martinovi Baraki, Sitnyakovo Express, and Yastrebets Express, The Borovets webcam network ends up reaching Markudjika area. There are two cameras in the highest section of the skiing zone. Borovets snow report updates information for the same places you can see on the live cams.


Choose the piste to run depending on your skills

The oldest Bulgarian winter resort is developed to suit all or most of the demands. Whether you are a highly-trained Alpine runner or you are about to make a ski debut – Borovets ski holidays fit both cases. The Black pistes on Markudjika and Martinovi Baraki are designed for skiers and boarders with lots of experience and preparation. The rookies’ tracks can be found near the base resort. Travelers who have their history on the slopes and yet are not of the pro-type can use the Blue kind trails on Borovets skiing map, while for the Red runs you will need more skills.

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