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How to renew my nexus card?

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Five years ago you applied for the NEXUS pass to allow for smooth travelling and now you have received your notification to renew. If you completed your forms online, it will be automatically stored and it will be as easy as entering your credit card number and processing payment; however, if you opted for the traditional pen and paper you will have to send in a payment.

It is important that before you begin the nexus renewal process to ensure all your information is up to date, its so easy to forget a change in phone number or maybe you moved and you forgot to update your card when you moved – its important to take the time now to make sure all your information is correct.

Why? Because, any information that is incorrect can actually result in fraudulent information and cause issues when you are trying to cross. Imagine, going down to the United States for a day trip of shopping and you find yourself being rejected because the information on file is out-dated.

Remember, providing false or incomplete information can delay, if not have your application revoked. If in your five years you have been convicted of a criminal offence or have been found in violation of any criminal charge, this could also impact your application.

Since the NEXUS card is meant for those who are low-risk, any violation of the basic requirements can make any chances of having one difficult.

Your NEXUS card renewal is due 90 days before the expiration of your pass; however, sometimes you’ll be prompted 180 days before.

What if you forget? What if your card is beyond the expiration date? Unfortunately, you will have to undergo the entire process again with the exception of the interview so long as your information is all correct. Again, its important that your personal information is correct.

While the NEXUS card was meant to ensure for travellers who are low-risk to travel freely between Canada and the U.S., over the last few years the background checks have been more extensive. Security checks are more thorough and they are also looking into employment history. If you have started a new job, make sure you have up-to-date information such as where your work is, your immediate supervisors name and number and quite possibly a pay stub or proof of payment.

If for whatever reason you are required to conduct an interview, you will be given 30 days from your conditional approval to schedule a date at the closes and convenient NEXUS enrolment centre. Part of the process of a NEXUS pass can also include an iris scan which also acts as a method of identification.

So how to renew my nexus card?

By going through you can ensure that your nexus renewal application will be done and handled in an efficient and timely manner. You won’t have to worry about having any missed information or worry about going into an interview ill-prepared. Always remember to double check the date of your NEXUS pass expiration because if not, you’ll find yourself starting at step one.